Rottweiler and Bull Mastiff Plastic Basket Muzzles


This plastic basket muzzle will fit dogs with wide short snouts like Rottweiler and Bull Mastiffs.

Even the best behaved dogs sometimes need a lightweight flexible basket dog muzzle.

The straps on this muzzle are a dark brown nylon with a Kwik Klip buckle.

Please measure your dogs snout!

How to measure your dogs snout length and circumference:

Length - measure your dog from his eyes to the tip of his nose.

Circumference - measure just below the dogs eyes, go all the way around the snout.

This should be the widest part of the snout just below the eyes.

To get the correct size muzzle add approximately 1-1/2 to 2 inches to the dogs exact circumference of his snout.

This plastic basket muzzle will fit most dogs that have a 3 to 4-1/2 inch snout length and a 14 to 16 inch snout circumference.

The adjustable neck strap will fit up to about a 27 inch neck..