Best Fit Mesh Dog Muzzles

Item #: D1300


The Best Fit Mesh Dog Muzzle is made out of nylon webbing.

The webbing on this dog muzzle provides good ventilation for your dog.
The Open front allows for easier panting and breathing.
The nylon straps have kwip klip fastening for easy adjustment to fit your dog perfectly.

For correct size, measure around your dog's snout at just above the tip of the nose.

Size 1 For Pomeranians, Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, Yorkies Up to 7 pounds, 3" Nose Circumference.

Size 2 For Miniature Dachshunds, Miniature Poodles, Whippets 7-12 pounds, 4" Nose Circumference.

Size 3 Out of stock For Jack Russells, Schnauzers, Dachshunds 12-24 pounds, 5" Nose Circumference.

Size 4 For Beagles, Cocker, Springer & Brittany Spaniels 24-48 pounds, 6" Nose Circumference.

Size 5 For Basset Hounds, Siberian Huskies, Dobermans, Setters 48-60 pounds, 7" Nose Circumference.

Size 6 For Dalmatians, Weimaraners, German Shorthairs, Boxers 60-80 pounds, 8" Nose Circumference.

Size 7 Out of stock For Retrievers, Akitas, German Shepherds 80-100 pounds, 9-1/2" Nose Circumference.

Size 7XL Out of stock For Great Danes, Wolfhounds 100-120 pounds, 10-1/2" Nose Circumference.

Size 8 Out of stock For Rottweilers, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands 120-155 pounds, 11-1/2" Nose Circumference.

Size 8XL For XL Rottweilers, XL Mastiffs, XL St. Bernards, XL Newfoundlands 155-220 pounds, 13-1/2" Nose Circumference.

Designed for midly aggressive dogs only. Practical usage recommended. Use only with direct supervision. Never leave your dog unattended. Using a muzzle for an extended period of time can interfere with your dog's natural cooling system.

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