Dog Muzzles: Why use a basket dog muzzle

Dog muzzles from help to protect you and your dog from harmful situations.
Dog owners and dog trainers use our dog muzzles as a training tool for their dogs.
Muzzles are used for Veterinarian visits, gooming, junk eaters, aggressive dogs and for emergencies.
A basket muzzle is the best type of muzzle to use on your dog.
It will allow the dog to pant and drink water but not allow them to bite and pick up junk off of the ground.
A wire basket muzzle is best for aggressive dogs that bite.
The Italian plastic basket dog muzzle works best for dogs that nip and eat junk off of the ground.
Material muzzles will work good for short times.
Most material muzzles are open at the end of the nose.
Kwik Klip Muzzles
Our most popolar material muzzle is the Soft guard dog muzzle. Soft Guard Muzzles
It is closed at the end of the nose to prevent the dog from nipping and eating unwanted objects.
We also offer custom made leather dog muzzles for hard to size dogs. Custom Made Leather Muzzles
With a little time and patience you can can muzzle train your dog before the muzzle is needed.