German Shepherd Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Or Similar Snout Size
Item #: WireMuzzle


  • This wire basket dog muzzle is recommended by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers & Behaviorist.
  • Wire basket Dog Muzzles can be used as a training aid to reduce biting, barking, chewing and aggression.
  • The wire basket cage muzzle will discourage dogs from eating unwanted objects such as rocks & sticks while allowing the dog to pant & drink water.
  • The wire basket is Humane, comfortable, safe and permits panting and drinking.
  • The basket is crome and has a leather nose pad for the dogs comfort.
  • The straps are made of leather and are adjustable.
    German Shepherd Size Medium #MM5: Length 4-1/2" -- Circumference 13-1/2"
    German Shepherd Size Large #MM6/1: Length 5" -- Circumference 15"

    Please use common sense when using any dog muzzle.
    How long the dog is left unsupervised while muzzled is up to you, the dog owner.

    Please see size chart below for measuring instructions.
    Click Here for Wire Muzzle Size Chart