Soft Dog Muzzles - Smuzzle
Item #: Smuzzle
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Our Soft Dog Muzzle is used for grooming and training your dog.
This muzzle is made out of a thick nylon fabric that can be hand washed and air dried.
Each smuzzle has a wide strip of plastic mesh at the end of the dogs nose.
This 1 inch wide plastic mesh will allow the dog to pant and breath.
The neck strap is made out of strong nylon webbing that has a Kwip Klip buckle.
This soft dog muzzle is available in five sizes to fit most dogs.
The breed chart below is just a general guide.
For correct fit, measure your dogs snout circumference at the widest part just below the eyes.
For smaller dogs add approximately 1/2 inch to the dogs snout circumference.
For bigger dogs add approximately 1 inch to the dogs snout circumference.
The soft guard dog muzzle needs to be bigger than your dogs snout circumference.

Circumference of the size Small is 8-1/2 inches
For Minature Poodle, Bichon Frise, Minature Schnauzer, Shelties, Yorkies, Cavalier Spaniels & other Miniature Breeds with similar size snouts. This muzzle is Blue
Circumference of the size Medium is 10 inches
For Small Beagles, Fox Terrier, Keeshound, Whippets, Westirs, Jack Russels, Standard Dachshunds, Standard Poodles, Lhasa Apso and dogs with similar size snouts. This muzzle is Orange
Circumference of the size Large is 11 inches
For Border Collie, Large Beagles, Springers, Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier and dogs with similar size snouts. This muzzle is Green
Circumference of the size X-large is 13 inches
For German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Huskys, Doberman, Wolfhound, Setters and dogs with similar size snouts. This muzzle is Yellow.
Circumference of the size Giant is 16 inches
For St. Bernard, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Bull Mastiffs, Great Pyreness and dogs with similar size snouts. This muzzle is Red
Designed for midly aggressive dogs only. Practical usage recommended. Use only with direct supervision. Never leave your dog unattended. Using a muzzle for an extended period of time can interfere with your dog's natural cooling system.
Please use common sense when using any dog muzzle. Getting a dog used to a dog muzzle takes time and patience. You will need to gradually introduce the dog to the muzzle.