Basket Muzzle Sizing
How to choose the correct size basket Dog Muzzle for your dog.
It is very important that you measure your dog's snout to determine which size muzzle to choose for your dog.

How to measure your dogs snout for the wire baskets, Italian baskets and Ultra dog muzzles:
Length - measure your dog from the inside corner of one eye to the tip of their nose.
Circumference - measure approximately (small dogs & short snout dogs 1/2 inch below their eyes) (big dogs 1 inch below their eyes) go all the way around the snout.
This should be the widest part of the snout just below the eyes.
Please follow the instructions listed on how much extra room needs to be added to the dogs measuremets for a good fit. Each basket muzzle will be different.
Your dog MUST have enough room to pant & open his mouth when the dog muzzle is on.
The basket muzzle circumference must be larger than your dogs snout measurement.
If your dogs snout is the exact same size as the basket muzzle, your dog will not be able to open his mouth to pant & drink water.
You must measure your dogs snout and follow the instructions for sizing your dog.

How does my dog drink water with a basket dog muzzle on??
For most basket dog muzzles, the dog should be able to put his snout in a water bowl and lap the water up from inside the basket muzzle.
Drinking water is something that your dog will have to figure out on his own.
Getting a dog used to a dog muzzle takes time and patience. You will need to gradually introduce the dog to the muzzle.
How long the dog is left unsupervised while muzzled is up to you, the dog owner.
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